Caracola Art Studio

I am an art enthusiast, and I love investing my time and space in exploring new aspects of art through experimenting with painting, media, and photography. I graduated with a Bachelors in Visual Communication and pursued with Master in Fine Arts – Photography.

Caracola is an infusion of my middle name Carolina and a Spongebob character Caracola Magica. It denotes my unwavering compulsion to help my friends, guide, and constant problem solver. What started as a joke but now stayed and became a second name. As a frequent traveler to seek more opportunities, my passion and desire to explore art took me to different places from my birthplace Ecuador, Colombia, to Spain and Netherlands.

My inner artist was discovered at its earliest when I was studying in my college and came face with the European Art and Design Movements. It inspired me to the fullest to reach my potential and look for opportunities in a country with the same art background as the Netherlands. I also take inspiration from the environment, observing people, and the simplicity of the space around me. The only other two people I was genuinely inspired by were Vincent Van Gogh’s and Piet Mondrian’s imagination and abstractions.

My interest and taste in art and design also emerge from a long line of painters in my family tree by the last name, Salas, from the 1780s. I like to give visual meaning through modern exploration with paints and digital techniques combined with my natural skills. I like simplicity, expressiveness, and aesthetic energy in my art. I strive to make my artwork look connected and reach out to the audience in a targeted way.

I use watercolor, ink, photographs, and mixed media in my projects. I enjoy painting landscapes, but I often infuse skies and waters in my subjects. People often hire me to work on commission. Making an art piece that resonates with place and people is a very thrilling challenge I enjoy taking. 

Fun fact: I am a cat person! (to prove the point) There are three humans and two gingers in this house. I find cats and their energy incredibly effortless and calm (compared to humans). As I age, I like to meet only calm people and avoid hyperactive energy. My hobbies include home decoration, styling, and organizing different objects to a new theme around the house. I have taken up various home décor projects. I like to multi-task with my work and prefer an inclusive environment to thrive and prosper within.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make other see.”

– Edgar Degas


2019. MA Fine Arts (Photography). TAI Arts. Madrid, Spain 
2009. BA Design Management & Visual Communication. Universidad Santa María. Guayaquil, Ecuador


2022. Art Shopping. Paris, France


2022.  Art Nordic. Copenhagen, Denmark
2021. MADS Gallery. Milan, Italy
2021. Marziart Internationale Galerie. Hamburg, Germany
2017. TAI Arts. Madrid, Spain
2015. LABLOOM. Bogotá, Colombia
2015. Casa del Artista Plástico. Guayaquil, Ecuador


2020-2021. Josefina Cabello. Children Book’s Writer
2017-2021. Vivien Vaca. Fashion Designer
2012-2014. Luis Astudillo. Poetry Book’s Writer