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Timeless black and white wall art

Enhance your space with captivating monochrome artwork

Explore Moody and Timeless Artwork of the Great Outdoors

Caracola Art Studio captures nature’s essence, crafting atmospheric artworks inspired by the outdoors. Explore black and white pieces, including abstract wall art for your living room. Each creation tells a distinct tale, stirring nostalgia and wanderlust. Elevate your space with fine art prints and mixed – media art.

Experience the beauty of nature in every stroke.

Discover moody artwork that expresses attitude and character

Discover Caracola Art Studio’s distinctive home decor. Explore unique wall art, including timeless black and white pieces. Choose from abstract, photography, or modern prints to elevate your space.

Infuse haunting beauty into your home and showcase your personality.

Immerse yourself in timeless black and white wall art

Discover the charm of nature through Caracola Art Studio’s captivating creations. From photography to abstract pieces, immerse yourself into the black and white wall art collection, crafted to spark curiosity. 

Portrait of Andrea Salas, Dutch-based Ecuadorian Artist

The mind behind Caracola Art Studio

The creative mind behind Caracola Art Studio is Andrea Salas. She combines her diverse backgrounds in design management, photography, and visual arts to create an all-encompassing creative experience.

The combination of photography and painting into captivating artworks is a harmonious blend of various techniques and materials. Nature is a constant muse within her pieces, often evoking a hauntingly dark yet captivating aesthetic mood.

Add a touch of haunting beauty to your home

Check Caracola's Favorite Artwork
Check Caracola's Favorite Artwork

Unveil the stories behind the art

Explore Andrea’s world beyond her paintings. Join the journey through her emotive landscapes that inspire creativity. From captivating photos to unique abstract pieces, each artwork tells its own story. Dive into more insights, processes, and inspiration on her blog.