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Discover Emotional Landscapes Through Andrea Salas' Mix-Media Paintings

Creating Moody and Haunting Landscapes Through Mixed-Media Techniques

Andrea Salas from Caracola Studio invites you to discover a unique world of emotional landscapes. Her mix-media paintings are inspired by natural landscapes, ranging from big mountains to open fields or even urban views from above. In her work, she explores the themes of impermanence, transience, and the passing of time. Through a combination of photography and mixed media techniques, she creates emotive and immersive images that transport the viewer to a place of introspection and reflection.

Emotive black and white mixed media painting, 50x70cm, featuring a captivating dissolve illusion on a landscape photograph - an exploration of emotional landscapes.

Moody and Haunting Landscapes 

In Andrea Salas’ paintings, the landscapes are depicted as open spaces with no human presence around. The scenes are often reminiscent of another planet, with a desaturated, washed-out effect that adds a sense of vanishing or diluting. She uses acetone to dilute the ink from photographic prints and applies other inks on top to create this effect. Additionally, she incorporates pieces of paper and other paints to cover certain parts of the photographs, creating new layers and manipulating the landscape in her own way.

Mixed-Media Techniques to Create Depth and Texture

Andrea Salas uses a combination of photography and mixed media techniques to create depth and texture in her paintings. By blending portrait photography with nature or manipulating landscape photography with inks, dissolving chemicals, and watercolors, she creates a sense of depth and texture that draws viewers into the scene and engages them on an emotional level. Her paintings often evoke a sense of nostalgia or a longing for a moment that has passed, achieved through the use of light, shadow, and movement.

50x70 2 ART

The Concept Behind the Moody Landscapes

Andrea Salas’ moody landscapes are inspired by the haunting and quiet beauty of natural landscapes. Through her paintings, she aims to capture the unique spirit of these spaces and translate it into her artwork. The desaturated, washed-out effect represents the passing of time and the impermanence of life, while the use of layered materials symbolizes the complexity of the human experience. By exploring these themes, Andrea Salas hopes to connect with viewers on an emotional level, inviting them to reflect on their own experiences and perceptions of the world.

In conclusion, Andrea Salas’ mix-media paintings are a journey into a world of emotional landscapes that will captivate you with their depth, texture, and haunting beauty. Discover her unique vision and explore the themes of impermanence, transience, and the passing of time through her captivating artwork.

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Veiled in Branches is a black and white portrait of a woman covered in tree branches, a journey of self-discovery
Veiled in Branches, 40 x 50 cm
Disguised in Foliage is a black and white portrait of a woman blended with tree branches and leaves, her face obscured
Overcome by the Sea is confronting the tumultuous waves, facing fear head-on.