Caracola Art Studio

Andrea explores the connection that exists between geography and emotions. The atmosphere created by the events that have taken place there and how they relate to the surrounding landscape.

Her approach is multidisciplinary, combining photography and painting; the results are mixed media works in which she manipulates different textures, colors, inks, and scraps of paper. She creates works of art from her photographs while simultaneously contemplating the ways in which changes in her environment have impacted her life.

Andrea embraces self-representation into these landscape interventions as a way to connect her present self with her future self. The art of Andrea challenges the audience to look both inner and outer, to consider how geography, scenery, and climate can influence and modify the emotions of emigrants.

andrea caracola salas about

Born in 1988, Guayaquil, Ecuador. In 2017, Andrea traveled to Madrid, Spain to pursue a degree in Artistic and Documentary Photography. Since 2019, she’s been living in the Netherlands, where she works as a visual artist. She started painting watercolor portraits and landscapes but she has been experimenting with other art forms as well. Her current artwork combines landscape photographs with other mediums to create collages that she defines as imaginary landscapes.


2019. MA Fine Arts (Photography). TAI Arts. Madrid, Spain
2009. BA Design Management & Visual Communication. Universidad Santa María. Guayaquil, Ecuador


2022. Art Shopping. Paris, France
2022. Art Nordic. Copenhagen, Denmark
2021. MADS Gallery. Milan, Italy
2021. Marziart Internationale Galerie. Hamburg, Germany
2017. TAI Arts. Madrid, Spain
2015. LABLOOM. Bogotá, Colombia
2015. Casa del Artista Plástico. Guayaquil, Ecuador


2020-2021. Josefina Cabello. Children Book’s Writer
2017-2021. Vivien Vaca. Fashion Designer
2012-2014. Luis Astudillo. Poetry Book’s Writer