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Embracing The Joy Of Artistic Expression​

Free-spirited woman in a ghost costume, joyfully embracing the freedom of an open meadow

Photo by Hebert Santos from Pexels.

Since childhood, I have always had a dream of becoming an artist, despite how cliché it may sound. In my younger years, art was the most exciting hobby, offering an escape from routine schoolwork. The desire to work in the creative field while setting my own pace drew me to pursue Design Management and Visual Communication in college. 

Although I accumulated years of experience in the field, I grew disillusioned by the long hours spent behind a computer, constantly managed by marketing teams, and devoid of creative decision-making. The realization that I was merely working for a salary left me unsatisfied. While I occasionally work as a freelance graphic designer for my own clients, my passion for art has remained on the side.

In 2013, after leaving a job, I sought a way to reignite my artistic passion: painting. Reaching for brushes, I delved back into watercolors. Initially sketching eyes, lips, and other facial features, my excitement led me to share some of my work on personal social media accounts. That same year, I participated in Wallpeople, an inspiring one-day street exhibition held in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and many other cities worldwide. Putting my art on display got some great feedback from my buddies, which led me to try out portrait painting.

Despite initial setbacks, I persevered and completed a series of portraits featuring my favorite rock bands. This project took several months and ended with my participation in the Wallpeople Guayaquil edition. The results were more promising, even earning me an interview in an Ecuadorian newspaper—a moment that brought immense joy. Empowered by this confidence boost, I began accepting portrait commissions. For seven years, I painted portraits for friends and clients before shifting my interests.

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Artistic Expression

During this journey, my aspirations evolved. I yearned to create my own distinctive artwork and expand beyond family portraits, watermelons, and flamingos. With a strong desire for creative freedom, I now focus my efforts on art that enables self-expression, incorporating my passion for photography. Additionally, my newfound interest in interior design and styling fuels my desire to create pieces that reflect specific themes.

In navigating my art career, I’ve made deliberate choices, such as abstaining from craft markets and declining gallery offers that demand exorbitant fees for exposure. This decision does not stem from an inflated ego; rather, as an emerging artist, I meticulously consider anything that may impact my future artistic journey. Looking back, the path has been long, both physically and emotionally, but I take immense pride in my achievements!

To my fellow artists reading this, persevere and celebrate every decision you’ve made.

Cheers, Andrea

About Andrea Salas


My name is Andrea Salas, and I’m an Ecuadorian artist and photographer based in the Netherlands. 

This is my blog where I’ll be sharing my stories about the art I create, my inspiration and experiences as an aspiring full-time artist.

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